Ballebro Færgekro – one of Denmark’s loveliest beach hotels – was built in 1729 as a small farm at the site where the distance between Sønderjylland and Nordals is at its shortest.

As a result, the location has always been a nerve centre for maritime and land-based traffic.

The war in 1864 has naturally had a major impact on the area, with Ballebro also seeing direct involvement when on the second or third of April 1864 a Prussian army of 20,000 soldiers attempted to carry out a pincer attack on the Sønderborg redoubt by deploying ships and pontoons from Ballebro for a landing on the opposite shore.

A strong north-westerly wind put paid to this attack, however, and the army fell back before storming the entrenchments at Dybbøl on 18th April instead.

In 1870, the building was granted inn status by the Prussian authorities, whilst in 1871 the aging farmer moved into the new pensioner’s house on the family farm, which has today become the cosy “Alsstuen”. From here, “mother” sold ice cream and refreshments from the backdoor.

Hans Michael Jebsen from Rederiet Jebsen A/S in Aabenraa bought Ballebro Færgekro in 1993. Between 1995 and 1997 the inn underwent comprehensive restoration, turning it into a popular place to eat.

In 2014, Ballebro Færgekro came to the attention of the general population when it was chosen as one the beach hotels to feature in the popular documentary series on Danish national channel TV2. 
In a throwback to historic Skagen, where Krøyer, Anker and Tuxen vividly depicted everyday life through their brushstrokes, the interior decoration of the 11 rooms harks back to the charming style of this period.
Today the beach hotel is run by the Aagaard Adam Hansen family. We hope to retain the cosy and homely atmosphere that the place deserves.